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Remember when we all poured ice cold water over our heads in the name of charity? Well, you don’t have to invent the next Ice Bucket Challenge to make a dent in your financial shortfall. Whether you’re trying to raise wages for a youth worker or funds to fix the leaky church roof, here’s some tried and tested fundraising classics to get you started…

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Ladies in a paint run

F– FILM NIGHT- Fill your face with popcorn whilst drooling over some Hollywood heartthrob. Who said fundraising had to be difficult? Who cares if you’re more Mamma Mia than Marvel Franchise when the ticket sales are rolling in. Entry fees, snacks, refreshments, it all adds up.  

U-UTTERLY SILENT. Actions speak louder than words, so organize a sponsored silence. Tell your church to shut up and get paid in the process. Winner!

N- NIP N’ SNIP. Sick of bad hair days? Go bald for charity! That’s right, sponsored head-shaves can raise serious cash whilst giving you a cool new look in the process.

D-DISCO. Spin the decks or compile a playlist and get boogieing on down. Again, with an entry fee and refreshments for sale you can dance your way out of deficit! 

R-RAMBLE. Take a trip out into the great outdoors with an old-school classic sponsored walk and just like Captain Tom you’ll be sure to see millions flooding in.

A-AFTERNOON TEA. If a ramble seems like too much cardiovascular- how about sitting down and gorging on cream cakes? Put the kettle on and get baking. Entertain guests with bingo, auctions, and live music. There’s no sweeter fundraiser than selling cakes and scones and caffeine by the bucketful. 

I – IT’S A KNOCKOUT! Relive the 80s TV gameshow by charging teams an entry fee to compete in silly games in even sillier costumes. With ticket sales, snacks ‘n drinks, plus a half-time raffle, you’ll be a fundraising knockout!

S– SKYDIVING. Free fall your way back to earth all in the name of sponsorship forms. Okay, for those of us who like our two feet planted firmly on the ground, why not substitute skydiving for SPONGE-THROWING. Get your revenge on the pastor by chucking wet sponges at their soppy face!

N– NOT A MARATHON! If you’re too busy eating bags of crisps for breakfast to train for a full-on marathon, why not lower everyone’s expectations with a shorter jog? A half-marathon? 10k? 5k? A walk around the estate in your slippers? Anything that’ll get that sponsorship form filled. Anything but 26 miles of London dressed as teacup. Yes, anything but a marathon. Definitely NOT a marathon!!

G– GOOD OLD FASHIONED CAR BOOT SALE- Cash-in on your old tatt. Clean out your wardrobe. Raid the kids toybox. Bag up the stuff beneath your bed. You don’t even need a car for this one. A pasting table packed with your finest bric-a-brac in the church hall is as good as any car park. 

Dance-a-thon, gaming tournament, bike ride, quiz night, chilli cook-off, muddy obstacle course, murder mystery night, lip-sync battle, abseil down the church tower – whatever fundraiser floats your boat – get it in the diary, set yourself a target, spread the word and see the pennies rolling in.  

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