Around the houses

In this short film, Rev. Ben Woodfield, shares how door knocking led to evangelism, prophesy, and even baptisms, on his estate in Bolton.

Avatar photo Ben Woodfield
People chatting on a doorstep

So, you thought ‘door knocking’ was consigned to Christianity Room 101 alongside quiche and rainbow coloured guitar straps? Not so fast. If you want to connect with your community and have a spare hour in your week, knocking on neighbours’ doors is a sure-fire way to make yourself known. Best still anyone can do it on a budget of zilch. It can lead to evangelism, prophesy, and even baptisms, as Rev Ben Woodfield explains. Join proximity as we shadow New Life Church, Breightmet, ringing doorbells of council houses in Bolton.

Who knows maybe you too will be inspired to move your legs out of the comfort of your church and onto the streets of your neighbourhood. If so, here at Proximity, we encourage you to always let someone know where you are going and how long you expect to be. Always go with someone else, in pairs for instance. Be mindful of safeguarding by keeping the team strictly to adults only. Be bold and courageous but stay safe, and if you do find yourself in a situation that makes you feel threatened or uneasy, walk away and call for assistance. Now go and have fun with Holy Spirit as he takes you ‘round the houses.

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