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Katy Hollamby is a writer and illustrator, who enjoys learning about the important things in life from children. She reminds us of the importance of living with awe and wonder in our urban neighbourhoods. Katy has created some themed art pieces and micro-blogs for Proximity, inspired by places and events in her community.

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AN Image of Katy Hollomby Katy Hollamby
12th June 2024
Illustration of girl in sky

Recently completing her first children’s book, Katy is an artist who constantly invites us to look up and around in amazement with hope and fearlessness. Katy is married to Sam, the local Vicar, and alongside their two children, they love to explore the beauty of their north-west council estate.

Amongst her pieces for Proximity are themes of prayer, trust, and belonging.

In this piece, Katy shares how God spoke to her about ‘belonging’ through nature.

I packed my imagination away for a while.
The painful reality of life hit me like a train. It taught me that my imagination lies – a childish collection of hopes too beautiful to be real.
But what if God’s imagination, began to live in mine?

As I wander our estate, a few months after arriving, my heavy, homesick heart tells me I do not belong here, that it will never be a safe place for us to flourish.
But in my imagination Jesus shows me, not a fantasy, but what is real.
A flock of starling smatter past my head and I am imagined into their flight.
A voice agrees I do not belong here. But nor did I belong in Chester.
In the song of the skies, I remember a Kingdom I cannot see, one that lies over this world like a lacework of light.

That’s where I belong.

Over time, God wooed my grieving heart for this place again, all through his imaginings, echoing in mine. I saw his kindness, as the sun lay its cheek against the hill outside my window. I felt his call to adventure, in the tug of my heart to the footpath that disappears over its edge.

My prayer for this, most beautiful of estates, is that Jesus would breathe life into its imagination. May it be full of his Spirit and carved by his Word. May it echo with the Voice which speaks each name and calls us to even fairer horizons.

To see more of Katy’s work take a look at

Written by

Katy Hollamby

Katy is a church planter living in Hattersley near Manchester, along with her husband Sam and two raucous children. Their beautiful council estate has a secret stream that runs like a seam of gold through the middle and is watched over by the elderly foothills of the peak district. Katy loves capturing what Jesus is saying to her through illustration and writing. She gets excited about seeing children’s creativity unleashed and seeing Jesus awaken the imaginations of overlooked people, so they can hear his voice and live.

AN Image of Katy Hollomby
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